Whiskey tasting


Iv been blessed with 3 bottles of good whiskey, but Iv never been much of a whiskey taster, so Im trying to do this as best I can.

The 3 are…

  1. Talisker, Single malt, 10 years (45,8 %)
  2. Balvenie, Single malt, 14 years (aged on rum casks) (47,5%)
  3. Tomatin, Single malt, 15 years (43%)




  1. Smoke, rye
  2. Sweet, dark & light at the same time
  3. Clear caramel


Taste (No water)

  1. Heavy, citrus
  2. Vapor,spicy, oak
  3. Caramel, less pronounced compared to the others

Taste (with water drops)

  1. Opens up more that without. More oak, more depth and harmonie
  2. Less vapor, more acidity
  3. More balance, silent finish.


Compared to drinking rum, which I prefer, this is very different. Theres clearly less sweetness to it, but also many other tastes.

What do you think?

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