Remote control

So when you work with the RPi, its easiest if you can do it by remote control after the initial setup. That removes the need for separate cabling to keyboard, mouse and monitor.

There are 2 general types of ways to connect

  1. Console
  2. Remote desktop


The console connection gives you just that, only a console to work with. That means no graphic interface.
The most common tool people seem to use to connect to the RPi is something called PuTTY.
If you on the other hand have a Chromebook (like me) then I found that Secure Shell will work and you can find it in the Chrome Store.
Note that you need to enable SSH access on the RPi for remote console access. The setting can be found here : RPi, Prefferences, RPi configuration, Interface and enable SSH.
Also note that you may need to use the IP address of the Pi and not the DNS name.

Remote Desktop

The best option in the current build (April 2017) is  VNC

To enable this log in to the RPi and go to Preferences-> RPi configuration-> Interface -> enable VNC. Remember to reboot.

On your client, install the VNC viewer. This work for Chromebooks, PCs etc