Project : Network monitoring with NEMS

Generally I follow the above guide for installation of NEMS on my RPi 4, however there are few notes I would like to add:

  1. Host templates vs host presets
    A Host Template differs from a Host Preset in that it tells NEMS how we want our Host Preset to be performed: the monitoring schedule, the alert thresholds, and so-on. Based on the included linux-server Host Template, our linux-server Host Preset will check if the host is alive by pinging it every 10 minutes, and will send notifications during working hours if there is a problem. These defaults can always be changed by editing the Host Template. Of course, you can create your own presets and templates as you learn to use the system, though I recommend starting with the samples until you have a few hosts working
  2. Remove the warning from the missing backup
    Click on the error and disabled the service checks.
  3. Create a template to check ipv4 website