Raspberry Pi – New project for me

30 Mar

I have started to fiddle around with the Raspberry Pi to learn and to use it for something.


As I am progressing I will update my pages on it, but I have already added some stuff, which comes from my initial learnings, in the hope that it will be of help for others as well…


My pages for Raspberry Pi 3

Whiskey tasting

02 May


Iv been blessed with 3 bottles of good whiskey, but Iv never been much of a whiskey taster, so Im trying to do this as best I can.

The 3 are…

  1. Talisker, Single malt, 10 years (45,8 %)
  2. Balvenie, Single malt, 14 years (aged on rum casks) (47,5%)
  3. Tomatin, Single malt, 15 years (43%)




  1. Smoke, rye
  2. Sweet, dark & light at the same time
  3. Clear caramel


Taste (No water)

  1. Heavy, citrus
  2. Vapor,spicy, oak
  3. Caramel, less pronounced compared to the others

Taste (with water drops)

  1. Opens up more that without. More oak, more depth and harmonie
  2. Less vapor, more acidity
  3. More balance, silent finish.


Compared to drinking rum, which I prefer, this is very different. Theres clearly less sweetness to it, but also many other tastes.

What do you think?

Yes, you can easily make your own beer!

11 Jan

Who can make beer?

With my experience I usually say that anyone can make beer, because you can always find a method that anyone can contribute. I usually also say that if you have to enjoy the process and ensure that you make great beer, it’s a great help to you also like to cook.
The reason is very simple: To brew beer recalls having to learn how to make good food again from scratch. One must understand the different ingredients and how they together form the taste.

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10 Jan

You thought that Chernobyl and Fukushima were dangerous places? Then have a look at his…


And if you thought that Three Mile Island was the first reactor accident, then read below.
This one claimed lives – Three Mile Island did not.

Rocket engine test December 30th

28 Dec

Copenhagen Suborbitals will do another engine test on Decemeber 30th.

You can either follow it live here or turn up in person by signing up here

Great new video about Copenhagen Suborbitals

19 Dec

TM65 rocket engine static test #2

19 Nov

Once again the TM65 engine roared!

Indian food blog!

15 Nov

So if you are looking for a great indian food blog, this is one of the great ones 🙂


Copenhagen Suborbitals bought a ship!

11 Nov

True open source – no rights reserved

08 Nov

Copenhagen Suborbitals must be doing something right when Boeing (advanced department of space exploration) is asking for advice 😀

– SilentHunter.dk –

– Submarines & Rockets…do they mix?!