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08 Nov

Copenhagen Suborbitals must be doing something right when Boeing (advanced department of space exploration) is asking for advice 😀

Obama won!

08 Nov

I saw his victory speech and was blown away! Reminded me of some of the speeches Kennedy did…

Powerstation explodes in New York

30 Oct

When Sandy passed through New York, it took a powerstation with it, leaving millions of Americans in the area without power.

Wing commander lives!

21 Oct

If you were a fan of Wing Commander and Privateer, then you are in for a treat!

The original developer is making the games again as a crowd funding project and its coming along very nicely.


Was Castro Crazy?

20 Oct

Morning reflections

11 Oct


Watch “Live Now! – Red Bull Stratos – freefall from the edge of space” on YouTube

09 Oct

Watch “Hitler Finds Out About Apple’s new iOS6 Maps” on YouTube

08 Oct

A Good Day to Die Hard…

07 Oct

Can’t wait!

“Be Kennedy” in the Cuban missile crisis

06 Oct

– –

– Submarines & Rockets…do they mix?!