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Who are we?

Simply a group of amateurs interested in submarine technology and operations. Totally 25 people have been directly involved in the design and construction of Nautilus.

Can I bye a ticket for a dive?

No. The submarine is a recreational vessel only. We are not driven by any commercial or economic ambition, but by the desire to explore the oceans of planat earth.

Is it leagal to build your own submarine?

Yes. In Denmark we can build submarines and boats for private personal use up to 23.99 meters LOA without any permission or control. However normal rules for recreational vessels apply, so in the case of Nautilus being 17.76 meters LOA a small navigational exam ( jagtskipper III) is needed to act as Captain of the boat. Also rules for safety equipment and handeling of waste water applyes. We can legaly dive anywhere whre you can legaly scuba dive.

How much did it cost to build the Nautilus

Nautilus is sponsored by a number of private corporations, and the total cost of the submarine is millions of Danish Crowns – but its still far cheaper than a professionel diesel electric submarine. Being a “DIY” submarine it is not legal to sell it to anybody.

Who owns the submarine?

The boat is a “selvegende Institution” so it basicly owns it selv. However a board of directors make sure that the use of it is safe and leagal.

Who are the crew of the submarine?

The Nautilus is manned by members of a submarine society, named “UbĂ„dsklubben Freya” after the first danish amateur submarine “Freya”.

Any adult person can apply for membership and take part in our project, our dives and expeditions. Cost is 165 DKK. a month. The societys income is used exclusively for the maintenance, fueling, construction and operation of the submarine.

Who designed the submarine?

The design is unique and has been done by members of the submarine society. We have consulted ex. navy submariners, other submarine builders and shipyard personel for advice.

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